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    Music Composition

    Recent Music

    Some drafts I've been working on recently See more here.

    http://soundcloud.com/finnbuster Send me your sounds

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    You can also share work with me on Soundcloud.

    Pinion Short Film Trailer

    I completed the original music and sound design for this short film. This film played in the MIFF 2010 accelerated shorts program.

    Pinion Short Film

    This is a montage of music, sound and second unit images from the short film Pinion that I created the original music and sound design for.

    The Bloom Project

    Some drafts from an ongoing collaboration working on under the name The Bloom Project.

    After Enlightenment, The Laundry

    I completed the sound design and music editing for this short film. This was a collaboration with Ned Beckley who makes up the other half of The Bloom Project. The film is Directed by Jordan Prosser

    After Enlightenment, The Laundry Remix

    This is a re-interpretation of the score for this shor film Directed by Jordan Prosser

    Knife Guitar

    Lurking Arpeggiated piece

    Piano Shower



    Various sketches

    Various musical sketches that are currently in development.


    I completed the original music for this video that was part of a short film competition.

    Scooby 2 Music

    Original music I composed and produced for the Scooby Doo 2 game from Warner Interactive. See more of my music on my Soundcloud

    CAN Video

    For this animation I composed the original Music


    Music I've composed and produced for various Movies, Games TV. See more of my music on my Soundcloud

    Scooby Doo Game Cutscene

    Working in house at Torus Games for Warner Brothers Interactive, I completed original composition and production for all in-game music and cutscenes such as this one. Please note that this footage is from an early version of the game and does not reflect the quality of the finished product.

    Theme 1

    Theme 2

    Theme 3

    Theme 4

    Zoo Hospital Game

    These are four of the many themes I composed and produced for Torus Games on the Zoo Hospital game for Wii.

    Beatrice, Her Beast and The Man From The City

    I completed the original music and sound design for this short film. The official site for the film can be found here


    Some of my my favourite sketches I've come up with recently and over the years. More on my Soundcloud

    Theme 1

    Theme 2

    Space Documentary for VEA

    I completed original music composition and production for numerous documentaries for VEA. These are two themes from the documentary on space.

    Doritos Advertisement

    In this Doritos ad I composed original Music and Sound Design. I also completed the final Mix


    Some bits and pieces I've created for various projects. See more of my music on my Soundcloud

    Traitor Friend SBS Animation

    Music Composition, Sound Design and Mix